RISMedia recently reported that the two key factors driving more than half (55%) of renters to move in 2008 are relocating for a job and reducing the cost of rent, according to a national survey from to current renters. Almost half of renters (48%) surveyed said they are moving to another city or state.

These 2008 moving trends also collaborate with recent workplace findings that fourteen percent of employers are willing to pay to relocate new employees, from another area to their company location, this year compared with last year, according to a joint survey by and

For renters planning to relocate this year, Forbes, in its 2008 report of the Best And Worst Cities For Renters, lists the following cities as the most affordable for renters:

1. Columbus, Ohio
2. Indianapolis, Ind.
3. Kansas City, Mo.
4. San Antonio, Texas
5. Cincinnati, Ohio
6. Saint Louis, Mo.
7. Cleveland, Ohio
8. Houston, Texas
9. Dallas, Texas
10. Salt Lake City, Utah

Ninety-five percent of renters surveyed plan on moving in 2008. Only seven percent are moving to buy a home, and almost all are scaling back on overall moving expenses. Seventy percent will not hire a professional moving service. Story