According to Iconoculture’s latest consumer observations newsletter, a backlash against Mansion Mania is taking place in America and is seeking to put the squeeze on house size. Here’s what they say is happening and their comments about what this means to business…


  • More than 300 communities in 33 states have tried to limit both the number of older homes torn down, the number of new homes going up, and the size of additions ( 10.10.07). Why? It’s a backlash against McMansion mania.
  • The National Trust for Historic Preservation cites demolition waiting periods, size limits and creation of conservation districts as means some communities have used to limit bloated building.
  • City planners aim to encourage neighborhood collaboration with respect to home values, character and sustainability.

  • McMansions and SUVs — they’re flashpoints for ongoing debates about first-world consumption. Get realers want to see their fellow consumers use restraint, even if it has to come via government decree.
  • The current downturn of the housing market helps the mega-house backlash. New home building has slowed or stopped in most communities, as cash-strapped consumers make due with what they have. When the economy picks up again, homebuilders may respond with fewer, more modest constructions.

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