Want to sell your home in 2008 — or simply want to keep its décor fresh so that it doesn’t begin the slow slide toward avocado-toilet and lava-lamp oblivion? You’re in luck: MSN Real  Estate asked several top experts who keep tabs on trends in home design, furnishings and remodeling to weigh in on what’s hot — and what’s decidedly not — in 2008.

Their opinion: The American house of 2008 will be smarter, greener and sleeker than before. But here’s the trick: Homeowners want a home that will work now — and 10 years from now.

Here’s an abbreviated rundown of what’s hot — and what’s not — for your home in 2008.WHAT’S IN

  1. The destination bathroom
  2. The smart house, operated by phone
  3. Turning the house inside out (the trend of bringing the indoors outdoors )
  4. The return of glamour in furniture and décor
  5. Concealed appliances
  6. Home elevators
  7. Bolder Fabrics
  8. The colors of 2008 (a “spice-inflected” palette of colors)


  1. Living Rooms
  2. Oversized furniture
  3. Dark and heavy (textures on walls, deep, rich colors, lots of molding, etc)
  4. Mosaic tile
  5. The Taj-Ma ceiling (tall ceilings)

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