Built on a foundation of shared respect for technology, sustainability and prefab chic, WIRED magazine and LivingHomes partnered to create an amped home of the future in Los Angeles. Wired for the green and high-tech life, the 4,057-sq.-ft. space utilizes many reclaimed or recycled resources. According to Iconoculture, other features include all-black solar panels with double the power of conventional ones and a computer dashboard program with real-time feedback on home energy use. The abode gets even more green gadgetry with Toto’s sensor faucet, Bosch’s efficient kitchen appliances and a smart thermostat system. So what does this mean for business?

  1. Despite tech’s partial image as an energy vampire, smart design can mean efficiency and eco-friendliness.
  2. But, just as Live Earth’s musicians jetted around in their private planes for a good cause, did the Wired home really need 4,000+ sq. ft. to make a green point? A question to consider when bringing the fantasy prototype down to earth.
  3. A benefit for builders: Since prefabs spend most of their development time in the factory, onsite construction is quick, leaving little time for thieves to run off with site materials. Full Story

Note: Original story content expressed here was  from an article published by Iconoculture, Inc.