Ricky BoscarinoDeep in the woods of northwestern New Jersey lies a very whimsical and unique place. Luna Parc, named after an amusement park in Rome, is the home and studio to artist Ricky Boscarino and is a perpetually ongoing work that is unabashedly original.

Luna Parc has been featured on HGTV’s Extreme Homes and Offbeat America programs as well as having been written up in the New York Times. The property features an endless array of oddities from the roadside mailbox and front gates to the sculpture gardens and numerous outbuildings.

Ricky BoscarinoThe house itself, both inside and out, continues with the eccentricity and whimsy. Portions of the colorful exterior and interiors are finished in mosaic work – literally millions of pieces of tile, pottery, broken china, natural stone and glass, painstakingly arranged. Many of the windows are stained glass created by Ricky himself as well.

Ricky’s web site features a very full virtual tour of the house, studio and property that is well worth a few moments of time. It also showcases much the Ricky’s actual artwork that he exhibits and sells. Truly a unique fellow!

Luna Parc Website